Ask a Musicologist

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Ask us anything you wish. If your question requires a more complex response, we will recommend a phone conversation.

We are frequently asked these questions:

  • “How many notes can you copy?”
  • “Can you accidentally copy someone?”
  • “Can you copyright a vibe?”
  • “Is this fair use?”
  • “Can you copyright a chord?”
  • “Is this public domain?”
  • “Aren’t there only 12 notes to choose from?”
  • “Is 10 seconds of copying illegal?”
  • “Someone stole my song! What do I do?”

We are musicologists, not attorneys. Our replies are based on music industry practices, and are not legal advice.

Sample topics we often discuss:

  • Music copyright dispute assessments
  • Licensing music
  • Music arrangements
  • Music career strategies
  • Creating a sound-alike
  • Creating a musical parody
  • Collaborating on musical works
  • Music industry practices
  • Co-writer issues
  • Using samples, and permissions
  • Music supervision
  • Temp track similarities

These informal communications are provided as a service at no charge, and are offered as music industry guidance. We are musicologists and music industry experts, and not attorneys.


If you have specific concerns or more complex issues, please contact us at to schedule a more detailed conversation.